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Meet the Speakers and Panelists

FUTURE FOOD 2023 is currently developing the schedule of speakers who will deliver high quality, relevant, and impactful content to conference participants. 

The speakers/topics will be updated frequently on this page, so bookmark this page for easy reference!

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Breakout Room Speakers

Sheri-Lynn DeMaris

How to Cook with Organic, Whole, Plant-Based Foods

Scientific studies in nutrition and the new food pyramid have highlighted the power of organic, whole, plant-based foods to prevent and even reverse health conditions. Join Sheri in the Future of Food Kitchen as she demonstrates how to create simple, beautiful, delicious dishes using organic, whole, plant-based foods that you can easily begin to cook at home. 

Get Hip on Healing Foods:  Food as Medicine and the Energetic Properties of Foods

You may have heard the phrase, "Your kitchen is your medicine cabinet." But what does that actually mean? Many foods carry healing properties. The key is learning how to harness that energy! Join Sheri in the Future of Food Kitchen as she demonstrates some simple-to-learn healing remedies and dishes which she teaches you about the energy of food.

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Richard Campbell

Rocks: A New Frontier in Sustainability

Geological agriculture or GeoAg is the novel study and application of growing plants to maturity in rocks from the hardware store without the use of soil and fertilizers. Patent, Copywrite and Trademark owner and Founder of the Geological Agriculture Institute of Miami (formerly To Soil Less) and the Academic Association of Geological Agriculture Research (AAGAR), Richard Campbell, will share insights into the team of more than 150 Ph.D. researchers from some of America's top HBCUs who are re-investigating and refining this new use of rock for agriculture and other purposes. Campbell will share sustainability research outcomes from the 3rd Annual Geological Agriculture Global Virtual Conference held in May 2023, where 29 speakers presented their GeoAg research and lifestyle applications to global viewers, offering a wide range of methods and practices to address the United Nations' sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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Patricio Garcia de Paredes

Macrobiotic Perspectives on the Future of Food for Personal and Planetary Health

Our food choices today directly impact our health and the planet. And that is good news because changing our way of eating is something that everyone can do. Join Patricio as he presents a set of healthy dietary guidelines that promote nutritional balance and offer suggestions for nourishing humanity in a more efficient, sustainable way.

Wholesome Plant-based Sweets

We know that sweets can contribute to poor health, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Sweets can be part of an enjoyable, balanced way of eating and can be nutritious too. The key is wholesome plant-based ingredients, mild unrefined sweeteners and a bit of creativity in the kitchen. Join Patricio, a lifelong plant-based home cook, chef and author, as he guides you and shares his expertise for making wholesome sweets and get you started.

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Charlie Szoradi

FUTURE FOOD Right at Home by Growing Microgreens in Rocks

Join Charlie Szoradi to learn about one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to produce superfood right at home. Charlie is the President of the Agrarian Group and one of the instructors for the nonprofit Student Farmer.org. This presentation includes actionable ways for you to start growing fresh, nutritious, and affordable food at home right now. Charlie will also address paths to help solve the challenges of food deserts in underserved communities through in-home and in-community local food cultivation.

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Lorraine McCamley

Spotlight on:  MGI Africa

At the Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Symposium in South Africa in March 2023 (where this picture was taken), Lorraine committed to help change the narrative on Africa. Since 2019, Lorraine has had the honor of getting to know and collaborate with the upcoming generations of leaders across sub-Saharan Africa. In Lorraine's session, you will hear about about her journey as a white woman from suburban Philadelphia, and her partnership with respected colleagues from the African countries of Benin, Tanzania, and Nigeria to develop, as part of a Macrobiotic Global Institute initiative, an impactful curriculum focused on mindset, strengths, regenerative farming, and macrobiotic principles related to food as medicine.

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Panel Topics

Panel: The Future of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

(details about the panelists coming soon!)

Learn from a panel of experts in greenhouse and indoor hydroponics, shipping container farming, light-emitting diode (LED) grow lights, robotic harvesting, financial management of farms, and next-generation farming with artificial intelligence.

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